OTO Nom-i

Available in publishing PC, Web and mobile, OTO Nom-i helps you manage your business simply and efficiently. Submission to billing, through stock management, employees and production, this application combines all the features sought by your business into a single computer system. This ERP software does not only facilitate the transfer of information between different departments in your organization, but also helps you streamline your operating costs and eliminate duplication of data entry.

This application is based on a modular infrastructure, rugged and portable, even to operate on the web and on smart phones. It evolves at the speed of your business.

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OTO Nom-i Mobile

Minimize wasted time and maximize the performance of your staff through OTO Nom i-mobile.
This module integrates with smart cell to offer a real-time view of the geo-location and routes traveled by your fleet. It assists your employees in their daily tasks and reduces paperwork and eliminates double data entry.

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Communication with third-party software

Treat yourself to the simplicity of software that communicates with the most used by companies accounting systems !!!

In a simple and intuitive interface, OTO Nom-i enables synchronization of accounting data with third party software such as Sage50, Avantage and Acomba.

You have a mega list of products, suppliers and customers?

No panic, OTO Nom-i allows you to import a few clicks to be operational as soon as possible.

Your transactions must also be included in your current accounting system?

Depending on your needs, OTO Nom-i offers the ability to export your orders and / or invoices safely.

GPS tracking

Locate and orient your drivers at any time using GPS tracking module  OTO Nom-i !!

Available on the mobile version of OTO Nom-i, GPS tracking module allows proper monitoring of drivers and vehicles on the road in order to:

  • - Align the new tasks while drivers towards being on the road with notifications.
  • - Calculate the mileage per vehicle.
  • - Develop periodic reports by drivers per vehicle.